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Adrift and wishing I was where you are...

Paul - who brings friendly nonsense
29 January
Life is a series of crossroads. The choices we make determine the next direction we will go in. How we make the choice is often just as important as the choices we make. Friends are the roads we travel along and good friends are always with us helping, guiding and caring.

I am proud to have many good friends. I don't see them as often as I would like, but the thoughts, care and guidance are still always there. I love my friends. I value my friends. Nowhere has that been more obvious to me than with the recent visit to my part of the world of my longstanding friend, ilmera. She is incredible and I'm so very proud of her. The world is a better place for knowing her.

My personal crossroads have thrown me around a little and allowed me to travel the world. I have written a book about my travels in New Zealand which I hope will get published one day. If you happen to be a publisher looking for a book about skanking around in Aotearoa, please, please, please leave a message - anywhere - I promise to get back to you. Sorry - that sounded a bit desperate didn't it?

People are very kind and say that I'm quite good at photography. Who am I to disagree with them? Even though my opinion is that I just point my camera at things and press the shutter, and somehow the result seems to turn out as an acceptable image. Please feel free to have a look around at the many images I've posted and see which side of that fence you come down on.

If you want to leave a message or comment on anything at all, please do. I would be delighted to hear from you, honestly. I'm always up for new friends, so please just leave a comment to introduce yourself and add me, if I think we'd get on I will add you back. I have so far resisted making this journal 'friends only' but if many more spam comments come my way I just might, so if you're doing that and reading this, please don't.

Welcome to my LJ world.

Google Translate helps me to read journals written in other languages. While it is far from perfect, and will have to do until I find a better translator, it is much more capable than I am, particularly when it comes to Russian!

(I suppose I ought to point out that all images appearing in this Live Journal are copyrighted to me, unless stated otherwise. So please enjoy my pics but please don't rip me off. End of official type bit.)

I am proud to be the maintainer of nz_photo, a community devoted to photos taken in New Zealand.

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