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Who's this friendly little fellow?

On Friday I had a day off, which was just as well because it was by far the best day, weather wise, of the three I had off over the week-end. I decided to go up on to Exmoor to take some photos because the weather people on the television said that it might snow on higher ground. It didn't. Having said that, it was wet, windy and fairly grim at times. But that didn't matter too much because I was out and about.

I rolled up at Tarr Steps to find no cars in the car park. This was a good sign. So, I drove down to the little car park near the bridge itself. There was one car there and there was an elderly couple just finishing their walk and packing their, equally elderly, dog back into the car. I waited until they had gone, well it was raining, and then opened my door to see how wet it really was. No sooner had I done that than I had a visitor. This chaffinch jumped up onto my wing-mirror. I know that he was, effectively, mugging me for food, but he was cute and friendly and I was really upset that I had nothing with me that I could share with him. I felt even worse about this when he posed for photos and I couldn't reward him in any way. So, instead, because of all his cuteness, I will make him famous.

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