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Wave upon wave upon wave. *Waves!*

Great Mattiscombe Sands

After the sunrise had faded a bit I walked along a section of the coast path to a small beach called Great Mattiscombe Sands. As the tide was coming in there wasn't much sand on show but this did allow me to watch lots of North Atlantic waves pounding in onto the rocks.

While I was doing that I made a resolution for similar trips in the future; take spare socks! It's all very well standing on the strand line watching waves coming in, but you also have to be aware of what's happening around you. Delighted to see a particularly large and potentially spectacular wave coming towards the rocks, and keen to milk it for all its photographic worth, it was so easy to forget that it would end up where I was standing. The result was a great breaker photo and me suddenly standing in water over my ankles! And with boots and socks full of sand. How does that happen?

It was worth it, though, to get photos like these.

This was still only about eight o'clock in the morning, which is why this picture's a bit dark.

Oh and, by the way, Happy Birthday to me!

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