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Sunrise at Start Point

As I hoped I would, I was up and away very early on Saturday morning. It's about a two hour drive to get to Start Point on the South Devon coast, so I was on the road before half past five. One of the great things about being around at that time of day is that there is very little other traffic, so I was able to get on with it. It was still dark when I was driving through narrow, high-banked lanes as I cut across country to Slapton. I stopped at the car park to see what the tide was doing and to get a well-earned breath of fresh air before carrying on round to Start Point.

It was windy out on the exposed promontory but not particularly cold. It wasn't long before I was clambering over the rocks to find the best spot. It wasn't destined to be the best sunrise the world has ever been fortunate to witness, but I wasn't going to grumble.

Anyway, on to the photos. Early morning on Start Point. 

You can see that the light from the lighthouse is still on, it was that early!

Lots of seagulls wheeling around

Back along the path

A sign on the South-West Coast Path, made famous in Mark Wallington's book, 'Five Hundred Mile Walkies'

It didn't take long for the sunrise sky to disappear altogether

Believe it or not, but this was about nine o'clock in the morning and i haven't tweaked the photo in any way

I think this (and possibly one or two that I'll be posting tomorrow) is probably the best photo I took on Saturday
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