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The hope of sunrises to come

It looks like it's going to be a reasonably nice week-end so I have decided to mount an expedition on Saturday morning. It will mean an early start but as I function much better with early mornings than late evenings that's not a problem. I have always had to get up early. When I was a child on the farm I had to get up early to go milking the cows with my father. Then, when I started work I had jobs that meant I had to be wide awake very early. Even when I took my year out I still got up early (for the most part) and felt that I could accomplish more in the morning before the rest of the world stirred. It's just the way I am, I suppose.

So, tomorrow morning I will be up at about five, out by half past and 'on location' before sunrise. I'm going back to South Devon; this time to the coast and an area called Start Bay. It's somewhere I know very well. For quite a long time I used to help with a party of children from my village school every year when they went on their annual field trip to a centre at a place called Stokenham. It was always good fun, hard work and a good way of spending what for me was a week's holiday. It's also an area I know well from a long gone professional point of view. A company I used to work for, the one that made me redundant and inadvertantly set off a train of events which have led to me being who I am now, had their head office not far from where I will be going on Saturday. I used to have to spend a lot of time in the office sorting out problems. It's an area I know and like very much.

Please prepare for seaside sunrises, a different landscape and, I hope, a few surprises. It depends on how the weather treats me and what I can do when I get there, but I'm really looking forward to it and sharing the photos I take while I'm there. Wish me luck, please.
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