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Jetzt Kommt Die Flut

It was another wet week-end. Something we are becoming very used to in this small group of islands flirting with the coast of Western Europe. There was a time when we were joined up, if this continues we might just disappear altogether. 

It suddenly dawned on me that, if I couldn't get out and about taking photos, maybe I should get out and about taking photos of the very things that were stopping me getting out and about taking photos. So, with some trepidation and a degree of excitement, my little Toyota and I set off into the wide brown and grey yonder. The area I live in, as I've said before, is very flat, low-lying and was reclaimed from marshes in the Middle Ages. It, sort of, reverts to type when the rains set in. 

Here are some of the photos I took, mostly through misty rain and with wet feet. 

First the ironic, press-type photo. White van man thought he knew better than the rest of us.

There is a kind of beauty, even in times of crisis

Burrow Mump rising above the lapping waters

The other side of the road was not so bad, but the swans were still having a good time.

I took this at Athelney, where King Alfred 'burnt the cakes' in the ninth century. East Lyng church in the distance.

The River Tone at Athelney. Normally it's little more than a muddy trickle between deep, steep banks. I love the idea that the solution to the flooding problems would be helped by lowering the Tone! Something I have been accused of on many occasions.

I wouldn't want to live in this house, the ground floor level is about two metres lower than the level of the river.

'Well, that might not have worked!' (Make it larger to read what the plaque says!)

These last few were taken near North Curry.

North Curry church in the background.
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