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Crossing Dartmoor

I drove from Hound Tor to Merrivale, going through the tiny village of Postbridge on the way.  The roads were still very slippery and there were one or two hairy moments but nothing too alarming.

Typical Dartmoor roadsign with interesting local names upon it.

This is a small stone circle I passed at a place called Soussons Common. It was only about seven or eight metres across and looked like there was once an ancient burial in the middle of it. I thought it was just about the cutest little stone circle I'd ever seen.

The 'clapper bridge' at Postbridge. The bridge is thought to date back to the 14th century, though it has washed away and been rebuilt a few times. The term 'clapper bridge' is used on Dartmoor for a bridge which has one or more flat slabs of stones which rest on stone piers and so spans a river or stream. 

In the background is the 'slightly' more recent bridge that carries the road over the river.

Part of the village itself, looking typically Dartmoor.

A winsome looking dartmoor sheep.

And finally, one of my favourite place names ever. Sorry about the quality of the photo, it wasn't an easy one to get. Although it was only one mile away, I didn't go there, instead I left it for another time.

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