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Happy New Year everyone. I got back from The Netherlands late on Sunday evening. It had been a great day. We set off from Meeden late in the morning and took a leisurely drive, avoiding motorways as much as possible, to Leeuwarden and then on to the Afsluitdijk, a thirty-two kilometre long barrage which divides the Ijsselmeer off from the Wadden Zee. It's an incredible feat of engineering. 
After that it was a steady run in to Amsterdam. I was really looking forward to the afternoon because I had arranged to meet up with two of my dearest friends from my time in New Zealand. Since coming back to Europe I had met up with both Babs and Mariella, but never together, so this was a special occasion. It was so good to see them again and to spend some time with them. Gerrit had met Babs before, so it was familiar ground for him too. After a coffee and a walk around the local park Babs prepared a really good meal for us. I could write loads about these two special friends of mine, and have done in the past, but suffice it to say that I was really touched by their kindness and am proud of their friendship. 
At about seven in the evening I had to say my goodbyes and we headed out to Schiphol ready for me to catch my flight home. The flight was on time and my car was waiting for me when I got back to Bristol Airport, so all was well. 

New Year's Eve was spent with friends, though because I was driving I had to keep off the wine. Yesterday was a lazy one, catching up with Christmas presents and trying to sort out some of the photos I took in The Netherlands. I did some interesting things and have some decent photos, so I'll be posting some of them later in the week. 

Again, I wish you all a very Happy and peaceful New Year and look forward to all your entries, comments, meetings and growing friendships.
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