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It's oh so quiet

Much to the delight of most of the people around me, it seems, I have lost my voice. I've looked everywhere but I can't find it. It was not amongst the fluff under the bed this morning and I hadn't left it in the bathroom. It wasn't in my car with my sunglasses and it wasn't in the car park when I got to work. It isn't on my desk and it isn't inside my computer. I was, sort of, holding out that it might have been left somewhere yesterday and some kind soul had picked it up and returned it to me in an envelope, but no envelopes have turned up so I'll just have to keep on looking. 

The annoying thing is that it always seems to happen just as I'm about to go away. As soon as I let on to the world that I'm going somewhere for a few days all the cold bugs in the vicinity decide to bear down on me with only one thought in mind. 'Make the old bugger suffer!'

At the moment it is just my throat and I don't feel down in myself, but I'm sure that will change before the week-end. Soddit soddit soddit.
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