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User pic meme

The wonderful ilmera tagged me in this meme. I just hope I've got the translation right.

She chose a couple of my user pics and asked the following questions.
1. What does this user pic represent?
2. Why do you like it?
3. What does it remind you of?
4. Is it just part of your collection, or do you use it for a particular type of post?

The user pics she chose were Wurzli and wine.

So, first of all, Wurzli.
1. Wurzli is one of my friend Rebekka's rabbits.
2. It brings to mind happy times I have spent visiting my friends in Switzerland.
3. I developed a bit of an 'understanding' with Wurzli the last time I visited, and this pic reminds me of those moments.
4. I have only used it a few times, but if people make an animal post or if it's appropriate, then I use it for replies.

1. I have a longstanding respect and admiration for red wine.
2. There are certain wines that I like very much and this, because it's not specific, reminds me of all of them.
3. I'm not a big drinker, please don't get me wrong dear readers, but red wine is not only nice to drink, it is also man's best attempt at preserving the unpreservable; something worth remembering.
4. I have only used it once or twice when commenting on friends' posts that have mentioned wine.

Please comment on this post. I will choose one (or two) of your user pics and and you will then answer these questions, post your answers in your LJ and invite friends to do the same.
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