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Plain English part two

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. I think my plain English talk yesterday went really well. In a marked departure from the first one, where no-one turned up, there were about twenty people there. Still not enough but a better turn out than I had even hoped for or expected.

Because I had more time to prepare I even put a PowerPoint presentation together which helped me to illustrate a few points and have a bit of fun with images and things. I have to admit that my audience was a little unresponsive, I'd thrown in some jokes and odd comments, but they did listen and some were feverishly taking notes.

A few stayed to chat afterwards, which was nice and a pretty good indication that I'd got my message across, so, all in all, I'm quite pleased with how things went. I also got an invitation to talk to a marketing group as part of a drive to improve writing standards for publications.

So, plain English training, anybody?

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