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Interests meme

Here's a bit of fun.

The rules:
1. Take the first ten things on your LJ interests list.
2. Type the word(s) into Google Image search
3. Post one of the images from the first page of results

Air. (I was actually refering to the band, Air, but this is a nice image anyway.

Airports (I had to go for this one, I think it's Christchurch)

All About Eve, featuring the wonderful Julianne Regan


Anne Frank


Aotearoa. (I was really pleased to find this image because it depicts the legend of Maui and how the islands came to be what they are)

Avalon. This was just about the most difficult because none of the images on the first page of results depicted the Avalon I meant. This was the closest.


Beaches. (especially ones a bit like this.)

I'm not going to tag anyone else, but please do it anyway.
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