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And so, on to Avebury

After my slightly less than spectacular sunrise at the West Kennett Long Barrow I headed on to Avebury, just a kilometre or two up the road. It was still very early and not quite fully daylight. I was delighted to see that the cloud that had obscured the sunrise was breaking up and the sky was turning gold. 

There is no question, Avebury is a remarkable place. I know that I have posted photos here in the past but there is always a new angle to be found and something new of interest to be discovered. These photos were taken in and around the village and the stone circles. Apart from the interesting early morning light I had the huge advantage of being the only one foolish enough to be up and about at that time. I had the stone circles and avenues to myself, a very rare thing indeed. I hope you think I made the most of it.

These were all taken at the far end of the eastern avenue

A real early morning look and feel

As you can see, I had fun playing with the long, early morning shadows, something that these wonderful stones really lend themselves to.

Then I went to the bus stop to meet jackiesjottingswho was arriving on an early bus.

More next time.

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