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1797 to 2007, the end of an era

This may not be very interesting but I thought it still deserved to be marked in some way. 

There is an Ironmonger's (hardware store to those in other parts of the world) shop in my hometown of Bridgwater which has recently closed down. Shops close in Bridgwater all the time, it's that kind of town. The reason I thought this one deserved a couple of photos and a mention is because it's a business that has been going, uninterrupted, since 1797. Thompson's Ironmongers has been part of Bridgwater life for 210 years. Of course, they have moved premises a couple of times, but they've always been there. I remember that my grandfather used to get loads of different things there, and as a child it was the sort of shop you could get lost in, they sold everything.


It seems that the local swimming pool has been renamed, and quite appropriately too.
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