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Well, I've finally done it. I'd been toying with the idea for quite a while but just couldn't motivate myself into actually making it happen. After posting my random photos yesterday I suddenly got this huge pang of really missing New Zealand. I mean, really missing New Zealand. As I can't afford to go back for the foreseeable future, I did the next best thing; I set up a New Zealand photography community on LiveJournal.

As the name implies, it's a community for New Zealand photographs. They can be of anything at all, as long as they were taken in New Zealand. Only members can post and comment, but you don't have to have been to New Zealand to pass comment on the photos, just be a member. It would be great if it takes off and I would love it to become a bit of an information exchange for people who are planning visits to New Zealand or who are just interested in one of the most fabulous spots on the planet. 

A lot of my LJ friends fall into the right categories, they either live there, come from there, have visited or are just interested, so how about joining? It's not a community about the quality of your photos or about technique, it's just for fun and for other people to look at and comment on.


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