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Hello. Remember me?

Yet again I have to apologise for not being around much lately. It's an easy excuse to say that I have been really busy, but it also happens to be true. 

I'll just give you a bit of background. For almost two years I have worked as part of a team of two people providing information for the public on a whole range of different issues for Somerset County Council. We have also advised people on using plain language and worked with designers to produce display material, written press releases and a load of other jobs as well. Last Friday my boss retired. So, for the past few weeks we have been working really hard to try to get projects finished off, deal with all we could to make life a little easier for me and generally get everything as up to date as possible. On top of that we seem to have got a higher workload and haven't really been able to poke our heads up over the parapet. 

Now, it's just me to keep things going until a replacement is found. Realistically, that could take about six months. So, really, I'm now doing the work of two people plus another major project to bring the Intranet up to date and I'm being paid at the same rate I was before. I don't mind that so much but a bit of recognition would be nice. Anyway, whatever happens I fully intend to keep in touch with all of you, so I will find time and make time for LJ. 

On a lighter note. I have a huge debt of thanks to a couple of great people. First of all there is

ironicpseudonymwho first pointed me in this direction and then
chocolatesaucefor reinforcing the point just over a week ago. 

What is he talking about? I hear you ask. Very simply, what I'm talking about is,

                               Flight of the Conchords.

Last Tuesday evening was the first episode of their TV series which was shown on BBC4 at 9.30. I have only one thing to say, Brilliant it was. If you are in the UK and can get BBC4, please give it a go this evening. If you are in other parts of the world and it is being shown, please watch it. It is incredible Kiwi humour with pithy songs thrown in and, well, it's just great, so watch it, so there. 
For more information, click here. and here 
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