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The revisiting of Stourhead

You may remember, back in the late spring, that I went to Stourhead and took lots of photos of the wonderful landscape gardens there. Well, a week ago I went back there. We had some friends staying (my Kiwi friend Maggie's mum and her husband) and I took them out for the day. We started with a picnic in a field which doubled as an overflow car park and then went into the gardens. One place I didn't go to on my earlier visit was the house, so this time it's where we went first. I'm really not bothered by what is inside places like this but I do enjoy the way they fit into the landscape, so I tend to take loads of photos of the outside instead of going in. 

Anyway, here are my photos from the day at Stourhead.

First of all, some of the out-buildings you pass on the walk up the drive.

Statues sprouting out of the roof

One hell of a bird bath!

After some teasers of detail, this is the side view

The view of the house across the lawns

Obelisk and dead tree

First view of one of the temples in the gardens

Across the lake to one of the other ones

The lake from the grotto. 

Shirley, taking a breather

Stourton church

Gatehouse at the entrance of the estate
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