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Lyte's Cary manor house

Continuing my brief trot around the stately homes of Somerset, I visited Lyte's Cary manor recently. It's more of a 'proper home' and much less grand than some of the other great big piles I've been to, and the gardens are really nice. I can't believe that there are places like this on my doorstep and I've never got round to visiting them before. 

To the piccies.

I loved this doorway. I can't help think about who might have gone through it before me over the four or five hundred years it has been there.

Down on the garden path, a worm's eye view.

Another gateway and another mystery - why has the hedge spilled out onto the path?

The house from the end of the path. I thought these clipped yew thingys were really interesting. What do they remind you of?

The chapel attached to the house.

Some of the garden furniture

Some more, with steps.

Me trying to be arty.

The pretty borders

I really liked this beech hedge and the clipped trees, I'm not going to ask what these remind you of!

Another angle to look at the house from

The dovecot

The first signs of autumn.

I really liked Lyte's Cary. As I said, I had never been there before, even though it is only about twenty minutes drive from where I live. I think it would be good to go back and take lots of photos in the spring.
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