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Tour of Britain

First of all, I'm really sorry I haven't been around much again lately. Things are really busy at work in the run-up to my boss retiring and there's a lot to cram into an increasingly short space of time. 

On Tuesday of this week the Tour of Britain cycle race came to Somerset. There was a four hour stage which started at Yeovilton, went across the levels, then went up some of the steepest hills around onto Exmoor, before turning around and heading back to Taunton for a finish in the centre of the town. I was allowed out to try to take some pictures. I was, sort of successful but as the bikes were travelling at almost 70kmh I had about five seconds to see them coming, take a few photos and then see them disappear away from me. These are the photos I managed to get. I don't know anything about cycle racing (apart from the fact that it's people riding bicycles) so please forgive my ignorance about whose photo I might have taken.

Coming towards me. Happily the lights were green otherwise it could have been a bit awkward if they'd had to stop!

Right on top of me

After they'd gone by.
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