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Misty morning

I'm sorry I've been away from LJ for a few days. It tends to happen at the week-ends anyway, but this was a week-end with a holiday stuck on the end of it. On top of that I had a training course all day yesterday and have been busy this morning. So, I'm sorry I haven't been around much. 

The weather was really nice over the week-end and I feel slightly guilty that I didn't get out more and take more photos. But I just felt fairly knackered and didn't really move far from the house. I started the week-end off with the best of intentions but they just didn't come to much. I was up and out around five o'clock on Saturday morning. The area I live in really comes up trumps at this time of year; late summer and early autumn are wonderful. The hedges and orchards are full of fruit and berries, the sun has a really orange, warm quality to it that seems to give everything a special glow. The warm days and cool nights produce a special mist which rises on still mornings just as the sun comes up and then hangs at a metre or so above the ground until it burns away an hour or so later. I see it very often on my way to work as I drive across the moors, but it's always when I don't have my camera with me. 

On Friday evening I decided that it felt right and that I would set my alarm for just after silly o'clock and get out and see what I could find. So as the sun was rising I was taking photos out on the moors near the village of Westhay. 

So here are some of the photos. The last one may not look much, but it is actually the one I am most proud of. 

Before the mists began to rise.

It begins

In the other direction

I really like this one

The rising sun through the mists

This is part of a Wetland Nature Reserve, really eerie this early in the morning with no-one else around and the mist rolling across the water.

I was standing on a bridge over this drainage ditch, marvelling at just how the mist had swallowed up the rest of the world from the middle distance, when a movement caught my eye. I looked and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

An otter. I had never seen one in the wild before. It swam across the ditch in front of me and I just managed to get this shot of it before it reached the other side. It's a crappy picture that really doesn't look like anything much, but to me it is amazing because I never ever expected to see one in this area. They are very rare in inland Britain now and while there are quite a lot of sea otters around the Scottish coast and in other places, their country cousins are a special and unusual treat. I was elated when I got home, not because of the photos I had taken, not even because I had managed to see the mists rise on a morning when I had my camera with me; it was because of this wonderful dark streak crossing a length of mucky water.
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