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Barrington Court, Somerset

One day last week I visited Barrington Court, near Ilminster in Somerset. Now, I used to live at Ilminster but had never been to Barrington before. It's amazing how we seem to neglect the things right on our own doorsteps.

Anyway, Barrington Court is a Tudor manor house dating from the sixteenth century with a later manor house next door. Part of it is still lived in but some of the house and grounds are open to the public. It is not as big or impressive as Montacute which I visited a couple of weeks ago but it was still good to get out and take photos of somewhere new. 

(Bindy, here comes your porn!)

First view of the gardens.

Pears growing on the walls of the walled garden.


Inviting doorway

Wonderful little bridge into the formal gardens

The stable block


Part of the formal gardens

The Georgian manor house next door

Barrington Court with ivy

The drive

The Court from the side

Barrington Court, little tractor and trailer at no extra charge

The manor and Court

This was my favourite photo from the day

This one and the next few are of the doorway to the formal gardens and the bridge (again), which I really liked.

Note the really old wood carvings in the door frame, Tudor roses and all.

Then it began to rain, so I trotted back to the car and away.
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