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Montacute House part two

Following on from yesterday's post, here are some more photos I took at Montacute House on Sunday afternoon. 

I don't normally like things that are very formal and rigid in their layout, but I really liked these clipped yew trees that surrounded the sunken lawn.

More balustrade interestingness

I loved this splash of colour

So much so that I photographed it from lots of angles!

This is over the main entrance to the house. It reads ' Through this wide opening gate none come too early, none return too late.'

And, slightly bizarrely, over the back entrance it says, 'And yours my friends.'

More looking up

A late-flowering magnolia, of sorts.

More of the lawns and summer house

A different angle on the house

I loved the twisted bark of this sweet-chestnut tree

And even managed to put it in context!

I think this is my favourite aspect of the house

Apparently, Kate Winslet ran past, or possibly walked past, this hedge in Sense and Sensibility. It's an old yew hedge and was once perfectly square but, in 1947 there was a really heavy snow which squashed it into these shapes and it has never sprung back to how it used to be.

I'm really pleased with the geometry of this photo.

This is the glass roof of what was probably once an orangery

And this was one of the plants inside. As usual, no idea what it is!

And that, my dear friends, was Montacute House. I hope you liked the pictures.

I'm off work next week and I would like to go around visiting places like this in the area, there are so many, so please, watch this space.
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