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Dunkery Beacon revisited - with no sheepy incidents this time

On Saturday I went back to Dunkery Beacon on Exmoor, the scene of my spectacular sheep rescue. I am delighted to say that this time round I didn't need to put my International Rescue hat on and get stuck in. There were no attempted sheepicides to prevent. This meant that I could actually enjoy my surroundings and the brief bit of sunshine that I found there. It is a gorgeous area. Dunkery Beacon is actually the highest point in Somerset, though at 519 metres that isn't really saying much. Here come the piccies.

Heather covered heath land.

Some heather up close, or 'purrrrrple heatherrrrrr' as my ancestors would have said.

Gorgeous clouds

Ripe wortleberries, yummy. You may remember I posted a pic of wortleberry flowers a couple of months ago, this is what they turn into.

More clouds

At the top after a fairly easy walk

The view of the coast was worth all the effort, though

Someone pointing at something

The joyful trudge back down off the beacon

And now for some pictures from the little glade-like gorge I found last time but got sidetracked from taking photos of.

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