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Wet week-end

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been busy at work with lots of meetings and quite a few urgent jobs turning people's jargon into plain English. That's quite good fun but is also quite intense, after all, I have to understand what they mean first before I can put it in a way that anyone would understand.  Turning this dry, pompous stuff into plain English is really satisfying and I feel I'm helping everyone out by making sure that the right message gets out in a way that means something. It's ironic that, to use plain language you actually need a very good vocabulary.

Anyway, enough about the work I do. Let's talk about something everyone has an interest in, the bloody weather. I know that other parts of the country have been having serious problems with all the rain that the UK has had dumped on it in the past few weeks, and I'm lucky that it hasn't been quite like that where I live, but it's still been getting me down. There have been occasional half-decent days, but the general trend is rain, rain and more rain. It's raining again now. 

Last week-end was another one where I couldn't get out and take photos in the way I would have liked. Just like the few that have gone before it. I did take some pictures, though, and they are posted here. I'd be keen to know what people think of them. 

This week-end coming would have been an interesting one, but Joust has been cancelled so there won't be any photos of horses in skirts and blokes wearing tin cans. Never mind. I've got tomorrow off, so I'm hoping for a little bit of sunshine to creep through and allow me to get out and about. I definitely need it.

Anyway, here's the photos.

I don't know what this shrub is, but the bloom on the leaves makes it great for catching raindrops.

On the flax seed pods

I don't know what this is either but it collects water nicely

And the washing line.


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