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G-last Saturday

On Saturday I met up withjackiesjottingsat Glastonbury. As ever it was a good day, with only one minor hiccup, she took a photo with me in it, which ended up on her blog. Never fear, dear friends, there will be revenge and it will be dastardly, but I'm happy to wait for my moment to come. 

Any visit to Glastonbury has to include a Tor visit and lunch at Rainbow's End, the best veggie, vegan and wholefood cafe north of Christchurch. Saturday was no exception. 

The weather was moody but pretty kind to us and I'm quite pleased with some of the photos I took. 
Here they be!


Just getting the mood in monochrome

View across the moors to the Mendips.

See, the sun shines on Glastonbury

These next pictures were taken in the Chalice Well Gardens.
I don't know what this flower is but I thought it looked quite dramatic.

A gorgeous red sunflower

These two are my favourite pictures of the day. If you click on this one and then click it again to get the largest view, you can actually see the pollen in the air that the bumblebee has stirred up.

Forgotten what they are called but I love these fluffy trees.

And up close.

Thought these looked interesting too, even though I have no idea what they are.
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