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Glastonbury Sunday

This morning when I was walking down the path I couldn't believe the blue sky all around me. After days and days of rain, with only the merest hint of occasional sunshine, it seemed really strange. Even so, it would not have surprised me if it had started pouring with rain again at any moment, the absence of clouds just wasn't an issue. So far it hasn't rained, but I understand that big things are heading in again from the west. It's a standing joke, but I'm really beginning to wonder whether the gorgeous days we experienced in April and May (with a few nice ones thrown in since) are all the summer we are going to get this year. 

Because I have had a couple of week-ends in a row where I couldn't get out playing at being a photographer, I was determined that last Sunday was going to be different, come what may. Cabin Fever seemed to have gripped me and I needed to be outside, even if it meant getting soaked. Even now I find it difficult to believe that I did what I did, but at 4.30 on Sunday morning............*I'll just give you all a few moments to digest that*............I got in my car and headed off across the dawn landscape to Cheddar. 

When I got there I parked in a lay-by near the head of the gorge and climbed and slithered, clawed my way and paused for breath, up the steep slope of one of the sides to the top. Once I cleared the trees at the top I walked along above the cliffs to the highest point. I knew I had not chosen the best day to visit this particular place, a fact borne out by the heavy, damp air, low cloud and total lack of views. This was my best shot from the highest part of Cheddar Gorge at about 5.30 on a morning when I should definitely have stayed in bed. 

I couldn't even see the opposite side of the gorge!

Appearances can be deceptive, the sky was most certainly not really this colour!
I loved these boots slung up on the phone wires.

Over someone's garden gate, a wet weather still-life.

Glastonbury High Street on a wet Sunday morning at seven o'clock.
Glastonbury tourists are obviously fair weather ones!

I was really taken with this mask in a shop window.

More later, when I called in at the local nature reserve and the sun actually came out for a few minutes, honest!

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