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Being British I feel very well qualified to say that the weather here was awful at the week-end. This meant that I couldn’t go out and take lots of pretty pictures for all you wonderful people in LiveJournal land. So, to cover my loss and to give you something, I found this random fifty-question quiz thingy. 

Please feel free to comment and ask for explanations, or to pose questions of your own.

1. Where is your pet right now?
Probably, Buster is in his conservatory asleep on the rocking chair.

2. Name something red two feet in front of you:
Bizarrely, a paper clip.

3. Name five things you did last night?
Cooked a meal, ate said meal, caught up on LJ, sorted photos for a CD, wished I was in New Zealand.

4.Last thing you had to drink?
Coffee, oh and coffee.

5. What colour phone do you have?
I’m delighted to say that I don’t.

6. What colour underwear are you wearing?

7. How do you feel right now?
Mixed. (grumpy because of the weather, pleased because of the coffee)

8. What grade are you in?
Decrepit mostly

9. What outfit do you have on at this exact moment?
My work fancy dress – boring normal trousers, boring shirt with collar (at least I have on my Bro-Town t-shirt and odd socks.)

10. What colour are your eyes?

11. Have you ever been in love?

12. When was the last time you drank a martini?
I don’t think I ever have.

13. Did you do any chores today?
That will come later.

14. What are you doing tomorrow?
Working, being anonymous.

15. Do you know someone who likes you?
I think so, I hope so.

16. Have you ever had a friend named "Fred, Frank, or Felipe?"
All three, I think, if Philippe counts.

17. Name three LJ people you met in the past four months?

jackiesjottingsrosabellaandironicpseudonym, and it has been a real privilege to meet all three.

18. What colour is your hair?

19. Do you think any of your exes still look good?
I haven’t seen any of them for a long time, but they probably do.

20. Have you ever said "I Love You" and not meant it?

21. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

22. What is the closest green object to you?
An alligator stapler.

23. Have you ever been teased really badly?

24. Do you still have feelings for anyone from your past?
Yes, but the ‘feelings’ change over time

25. Did you enjoy your last kiss?

26. Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no – undecided.

30. When was the last time you were interested in someone?
I’m always interested in people. If you mean in a teenage, gooey kind of way, it’s difficult to say.

31. Have you eaten popcorn in the past 48 hours?

32. Do you miss someone right now?

33. Do you believe the statement "bigger is always better"?
Definitely not.

36. What is one thing you've learned about life?
There is always something new to be learned, and it is best to be open to that.

37. What is your idea of the perfect day?
Being with friends, out in the country somewhere, taking photos and quite possibly nattering over a pint or three of Guinness.

38. Are you jealous of anyone?
No, there’s no point, it doesn’t change a thing.

39. Ever fallen down the steps?
Yes, and I have the scars to prove it.

40. What does your grandma call you?
She used to call me Paul, funnily enough, but in an Essex accent.

41.What does your best friend[s] call you?
Paul, to my face, I can only guess what they might call me behind my back!

42. What does your hair look like right now?

43. Has a friendship with a guy/girl ever turned into something more?

44. Has anyone told you that they like you more than a friend?

45. What have you eaten today?
A couple of apples.

46. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

48. Who was the last person you drove with?
My car-sharing buddy, Richard

49. What are you looking forward to?
Some nice weather so that I can take some photos, trips out and about, visits to friends and friends visiting.

50. How are you today?
I’m fine, thanks.

I'm off to a meeting soon, so I will be thrilled to see comments, questions and demands for explanations when I get back. 
Thanks, you wonderful people.

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