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Saturday sunset

I know that a lot of you are just as much suckers for a gorgeous sunset as I am. I really enjoy taking photos of interesting sunsets. I know that every single one is different but sometimes I can seem to sense a good one brewing and try to get myself in a good place to see it and photograph it. Saturday was one such sunset.

I found gaps in a couple of hedges that lined up with the setting sun so...

I managed to turn it into my own little faery glade...

and then got a little closer.

At the moment I have a bit of a thing about grasses silhouetted against the evening sky.

The last of the light at the end of the day.

Next there will be tales involving, in no particular order, a daring rescue, death-defying derring-do, a walk in the woods, a sheep! and, of course, photos. Can you wait?

Tags: sunsets, uk pics
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