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Brent Knoll, Somerset

For those of you from the UK, or who have visited the south-west of England when you have been to the UK, the hill called Brent Knoll, which sits next to the M5 motorway between Weston-super-Mare and Bridgwater, will probably be familiar. It rises up out of the surrounding levels like a volcano. For those who come to my part of the world for their holidays, when you see Brent Knoll you know you are well on the way. 

On Saturday afternoon I decided that I would go to the village, also called Brent Knoll and climb the hill. I tried to think back. I knew I had climbed it once before and I worked out that it was when I was about seventeen or eighteen, I know what I did up there on that day too, oh how times have changed! 

It had been raining on and off for most of the previous week and the pathway to the top was very steep (in places) and very sticky (everywhere). Having said that, it wasn't a huge effort and didn't actually take very long and I only thought that I might die on this remote spot a couple of times (not bad for a hill climb these days!)

Anyway, on the way up and at the top I took photos. Would you like to see some of them? Of course you would. Here's a start.

On the way up. Sheep included for those people on my friends list who are fans of them.

Looking out across Bridgwater Bay (from about half-way up.)

From the top. The M5 marches off towards Bridgwater.

Looking north. In the distance is the coast of Wales and the Islands of Steep Holm and Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel.

On the horizon, 21 kilometres away, is Glastonbury Tor (and in between it;s dead flat)

I zoomed!

Looking towards Bristol

I loved the cloud formations.

The coast again, with Wales much clearer this time.

Looking towards the mouth of the (now famous) River Parrett.

This photo came out very dark anyway, so I decided to get rid of all the colour. Ooh, moody!

Great shaped tree, just off the top.

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