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Durdle Door, Dorset

From Maiden Castle I drove the short distance to the coast. I've already mentioned the fact that I didn't stay there long, and I know that a bright, sunny, Sunday in June was a foolish choice of time to go there, but I'm incredibly naive sometimes and I just didn't imagine that it would be as busy and unpleasant as it was. There were far too many people around for my liking. There was a time when that wouldn't have bothered me, but now it's a different story. I have tasted incredible places and been the only one doing so and that is a situation that it's difficult to roll back from. 

So, anyway, I drove through the horrid caravan park to the ridiculously priced car park. I wandered down to the cliff tops, gawped, went 'click' a few times, muttered a bit and then wandered along the coast path to get a sight of Lulworth Cove. Just one look at the car park in the distance and the number of people milling around me sent me ambling back to my car and away from the fleshpots of the Dorset coast. It is beautiful, though and I'm glad i went there, it's just a shame that half the population of Essex, by the sound of the accents, seemed to have the same idea. Next time I'll go during the week in winter. 

Durdle Door in all its glory. If you click on the picture and click again until you get a larger version of the picture, you will see that there are people clambouring over the rocks on the right and jumping off into the sea. 

Back from the edge a bit.

Along the cliffs towards Weymouth

The beautiful little arc of the bay.

Along the cliffs again, but from higher up this time

Lulworth Cove. The car park is larger than the village

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