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Here is the first installment of the photos I promised earlier in the week. Just to recap, on Saturday I did a walk along a route that I had found in a leaflet. It was described as being enjoyable, full of nature and, more to the point, easy. Okay, I'm no walking or tramping novice. When I was in New Zealand I walked well over a thousand kilometres through all kinds of terrains, landscapes and surrounding. I did lakeside walks, beach walks, bush walks, walks through goldmines, walked up mountains and clambered my way over boulders to a glacier - but I've had lots of opportunity to get way out of shape since then. 

The weather was hot and sticky and it wasn't long before I was too. The enjoyment came from watching others, taking part in the Langport Walking Festival, busily adjusting their lycra. The nature was limited to a heron which flew away, some damselflies which moved around too quickly, a duck that didn't like the look of me, and lots of cows who just couldn't be bothered one way or the other. Despite sending it up sometimes, I do feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

This is a pictorial representation of the walk that I did.

This is the early part of the walk along a long disused railway track.

Some cows.

The wonderfully named village of Muchelney in the hazy distance, and cows.

My ancestry got the better of me, all together now - 'Oh, flower of Scotland....'

The River Parrett with Huish Episcopi Church in the distance, and no cows.

And again.

Looking back the way I had come. No Pauls got wet in the taking of this photograph.

I promise, I don't have a cow fixation. I have seen far too many of them for that, but they are pretty much what the region I live in is all about.

Finally, Langport church from the final stretch of the walk. 
Thank you for viewing this cow-free photograph.
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