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A gentle, wide-eyed Tuesday evening

A couple of nights ago the camera and I went for a walk. I just wandered around very familiar territory and looked at things as if I had never seen them before. I looked closely where I would normally have barely stolen a glance. I marvelled at everyday normality and I photographed the mundane and familiar as if it was exotic. I hope you like what I saw, what I noticed and what I clicked at. Tuesday evening was a good one.

Elderflowers as if they were big

A new angle on the village church

Old shed on the hillside, it's been there all my life and I never really looked at it before.

I'm normally very wobbly about spiders, but this one was asking to be photographed, 
and it wasn't on a trampoline either.

A natural interweb

Grasses at the end of the day.

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