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Sunset for Zlataira

There have been some cracking sunsets in my neck of the woods lately. At this time of year it seems to be either a gorgeous sunset or a completely cloudy sky with hardly anything else in between. I'm very lucky that I can walk out of my door, across a field, along a short footpath with bunnies scurrying back into their holes as I approach and find myself on the highest point around. From there I can see across the moors and lowlands to where the sun goes down, with an uninterrupted view. These days sunset is around a quarter past nine in the evening (usually well past my bedtime!) but it is a peaceful time of day and great to still be out and about. 

These photos were taken one day towards the end of last week. I decided to be a bit more adventurous and tried to get some 'drama' into my shots by using the trees and things around me.

I am dedicating these photos to my LJ friendzlatairaIt's her birthday today and I want to wish her well. Ira, I hope you are okay because I haven't heard from you for a long time. :))

This is a Dog Rose, one of my favourite British wildflowers, with a wonderful, delicate colour.

Back to the sunset.

I loved the way the sun lit up the long, wet grass.

Using ash keys as a prop. Can you spot the wee beastie hiding from the rain?

Another Dog Rose, first without flash

And then with.

The last hurrah!


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