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Kaikoura dunny

I found this old newspaper article a while ago and have just not got round to posting it until now. It amused me. I think it must hold the record for the most toilet puns in one short item, but, then again, it is something that New Zealand does so very well (puns I mean, not dunnies, though having said that, their dunnies can be pretty good too!)

It comes from the Christchurch daily paper, The Press.

Toilet plan blocked

05 April 2006


It's a dunny dilemma enough to pull any mayoral chain.

The Kaikoura District Council had been forced to temporarily dump plans to hook a new public loo on the Beach Road Reserve at the north end of Kaikoura to the sewerage line, Kaikoura mayor Kevin Heays confirmed.

Transit New Zealand was now involved and the council awaited its "dunny" report.

After only a week on site, the loo was locked two weeks ago, and has been deemed "out of order" because of a disagreement over the convenience of the site.

Yet it was with some relief that residents and businesses had looked forward to the arrival of the new loo.

They were "screaming out" for public toilets for about 20 years, Mr Heays said. Everyone seemed to agree on the issue.

"Passing motorists used to go wherever they could, on people's lawns, on doorsteps or under trees on the reserve. Businesses in the area were constantly asked for the use of their toilets."

However, an eleventh hour change of location a few feet across to the other side of the reserve has left parties cross-legged on the issue.

Mr Heays said a couple of residents complained when they saw excavations for the toilets being made on the side of the reserve which is closer to the residential area.

The council agreed it "was not a wonderful thing to have outside your front gate" and "decided on another discreet place". But it was not discreet, according to two business people in the area.

Jane Hills of Crazyjanes Hair Gallery said while it was "great" to finally have the toilets, even though it would be better if they were operational, they blocked her street profile from prospective clients travelling as they entered the town from the north side.

"They should be moved over slightly."

Neighbouring business owner Ross Carson, of the Mediterranean Motel, agreed, saying the council went back on its original plan.

Now there are safety and access problems because the access was directly off the highway rather than off a side street as planned.

"It hasn't been put where they said it was going to go."

Ms Hills also complained that the unconnected toilet was available for use before it was locked.

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