Paul - who brings friendly nonsense (blur_kiwi) wrote,
Paul - who brings friendly nonsense

It's a meme kind of thingy

This came from jackiesjottings
The concept: Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 icons, for you to explain.

My three interests were..blueberry muffins, Granny Weatherwax and pukekos.

Blueberry muffins. It's quite a long story. When I was in New Zealand I became, if not actually addicted then as close as you can get, to blueberry muffins. I wasn't the only one. Rebekka loved them too, and when we spent a bit of time travelling around together muffins were always on the mental shopping list. Back in Europe, I took blueberry muffins with me to Switzerland on my first visit and have sent them in parcels from time to time as well. Switzerland is a country with a severe blueberry muffin drought.

Granny Weatherwax. There is no doubt in my mind that Granny Weatherwax is the most fascinating, interesting and real character in the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. She is clever, funny, wise, capable and always one step ahead of everyone else, including Death. In fact I would go so far as to say that Death is just a little afraid of Granny. What makes all this doubly interesting to me is that when I was growing up in a little, slightly backward village in the west of England I actually knew old ladies who were just like Granny Weatherwax. They were wise, could twist others around their gnarled old fingers and had an answer for everything. They knew what I was thinking a very long time before I did and I never knew how they did it.

Pukekos. Who wouldn't love a pukeko if they saw one. They are gorgeous New Zealand birds, beautifully and spectacularly coloured. To give you an idea, they are about the size of a hen but are slick and shiny, they have a  blue front with a darker coloured back and wings. They have a bright red beak and the tops of their heads are also bright red. What makes them even more endearing is that they, very obviously, got in the wrong queue when legs were being dished out. Their legs are long, gangly almost, pink and have very large feet on the ends of them. In fact, it's probably better if I show you a picture. 

My three userpics..Hope St, Wurzli and Stonehenge

Hope St. I have been a fan of The Levellers for many years. My favourite album is Zeitgeist. The first track on the album is called Hope St. When I was in New Zealand I was walking through Nelson one day and saw this street sign, so I just had to snap it.

Wurzli. My dear friend Rebekka has a couple of rabbits. Wurzli is the one that almost accepted me last time I was there. I think we began to build an understanding.

Stonehenge. My default. Stonehenge is iconic; recognised by just about everyone everywhere and just an hour's drive from my home. I just like the idea of having Stonehenge as an icon.

Now, please comment, I'll look through your user page and give you the chance to explain some things about you too. 


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