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It's as good for you today as it's always been.

Last week I was passing through the small Dorset town of Shaftesbury when a memory from a long time ago came flooding over me. For some, totally out-of-character reason, I seem to be wallowing in nostalgia at the moment. (I hope it passes soon, I prefer to look forward rather than back.) It dawned on me that a British television advert had been filmed here and I made it my mission to seek out the location. It wasn't hard. This is a YouTube link to the advert, which has been voted in the UK as the best ever (though the Kiwi Bugger ad is my personal favourite) and was actually directed by a young Ridley Scott.

And here are some photos of what it looks like now.

Gold Hill

It looks steep going down, and even steeper going up.

I loved that one side of this house has three storeys and the other side only two.

And once more from the top, 2, 3, 4....
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