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Now that's what I can a television advert.

In an idle moment the other day my thoughts turned to looking for some old television adverts on the good old Interweb.

This is my favourite advert of all time, ever, ever, ever. As it happens, I saw it first when I was in New Zealand for the first time in September 1999. I can honestly tell you, my dear friends, that I laughed for days after that first viewing. It has become an iconic moment in New Zealand culture and the catchphrase has spawned a million caps, t-shirts and bumper stickers. Those of you who hail from those sparkling islands in the South Pacific will already have gathered what I am babbling on about, but for the rest of you (in the hope that it is new to you), I give you the best advert the world has ever seen. (Unless, of course, you know different!)
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