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I have been having an on-going LJ- type conversation with Roselet. We have covered many things, particularly the differences between the UK and New Zealand. I thought it might be a fun idea to reproduce here, for the entire world to scorn, my idea of a blurb for my book. I would welcome any comments, compliments or complaints and would certainly be interested to know if this would make you want to pick the thing up and read it if you came across it in that mythical golden bookshop in the sky. (You know the one. The one we all aspire to having our collected works sold in, never on special offer or remaindered stock, never on a ‘buy one get a whole boxful free’ kind of promotion, and always shelved lovingly in order by genre, alphabetically by author and with coffee metaphorically thrown in to allow maximum perusal time and comfort. Oh, and it should have a toilet as well.)

"Imagine a land that you have always known, where the hills and mountains are as you have always remembered them, where the lakes and streams are the colour you first recall them being from story books, where the fields and forests are the sort of green you always painted them as a child. A land that is familiar and just as you have always expected it to be.

"Imagine a land that you have never seen before, where the hills and mountains are more rugged and more real than you could ever think them to be, where the lakes and streams are a more vivid and striking colour than in any book, where the fields and forests are coloured by more greens than it is possible to create. A land that is different to anywhere else and nothing like any expectations you may have ever had.

"Both these places are New Zealand; now just imagine what it must be like to be there."

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