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The Village

The weather hasn't been that great recently and I haven't been able to get out and about taking photos of some of the wonderful things that surround me. I don't want to let my loyal and valued readership down, so here is a quick tour of the village I live in. These photos have been taken over the past year, so there are sunny skies and flowery gardens.

Let's begin the tour at home. This is the house I live in.

Because of the mild climate in my part of the world we are lucky to have things like palm trees, cabbage trees and other exotic stuff growing in the garden. That is an enormous Blue Gum (for my antipodean friends) near the house on the right. 

Walk down Church Road from my house and you come to the school. I went there from the age of four until I was eleven. For the first few years my mother was my teacher, which wasn't easy for either of us, but that's another story.

A little further down the road is Laburnum House. I love the wild garden.

This cottage is where my friend Jo and her family live. I have always liked this house. Sweet as.

Turn left at the bottom of the road onto Main Road and you come to Shepherd's Farm. It isn't a farm anymore, but it is the first of the village's thatched houses.

Next you come to the wonderfully named 'Hucklebridge'. It's a really old house in the traditional local style. On the roof are pheasants made of straw, they are a trademark of the thatchers who renew the thatch every twenty years or so. 

Looking back towards this idyllic corner of the village. 

Next we come to - ta da - the pub, The George Inn. It is really old and my father's parents were the publicans here about fifty years ago. I don't spend as much time there as I once did, but can always be persuaded to pop in for a pint of Guinness without too much complaint!

A brief detour up Old Chapel Road takes you to Chapel House, where my friend Pam does wonderful crafty things and turns some of my photos into greetings cards, produces stained glass ornaments and does a fabulous job of promoting the work of the arty people in the village.

Back on Main Road we pass Jones Farm where this wonderful old barn is gently crumbling away.

After that it is a quick jaunt up Kick's Hill (true) into the churchyard and then back down Church Road and home.  It isn't a big village, but it is off the beaten track and keeps itself to itself. If you want a personal guided tour you would be very welcome, I like showing people around and it would give us all the best excuse to meet, so, how about it?

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