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This sort of thing gets me really annoyed

I realise that this may not mean much to non-vegetarians. I also realise that it may not make much difference in the grand scheme of things, but it has really annoyed me. Here I am stamping my little feet. How insensitive, how ridiculous, how could they?  What am I talking (ranting) about? Please take a look at this bbc article.

I thought it was the idea of businesses to expand, grow and sell as much or as many of their products as possible. This seems to be designed to have the opposite effect. I'm sure that all vegetarians who find out about this will boycott these products. I'm sure that that will hit this company's sales - well, good!

I just hope their chocolate bars and things have a big enough message on them saying, 
"Not suitable for vegetarians"
I somehow doubt it.

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