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Monday by the sea

Last Monday was a holiday here in the UK. The weather was better than had been forecast so I felt I needed to go out and take some pictures. Because I hadn't planned anything, I ended up on my favourite stretch of coastline, the fascinating 200 million year old rocky beaches of the West Somerset coast.

I wandered further along the beach than I usually do and found myself in an area I hadn't visited for many years, a couple of miles along from Kilve, past the delightfully named East Quantoxhead towards St Audries Bay. The walking was not easy and I spent most of my time clambering over rocks and trying not to fall over. These are some of the things I saw. I tried to concentrate on some arty shots rather than the usual scenery. I hope you like the results.

Seaweed growing on a crazed limestone pavement.

A line of weed growing in the washed out sand.

Waves in the sand - yucky and gorgeous all at the same time - glistening like chocolate.

Now the more scenic stuff. Wonderful rocky shapes and curves.

Interesting contrasts

A small waterfall tumbling out of the cliffs.

Wonderful cloud shapes

I never tire of this place and I hope, dear readership, that you are not bored with my photos of it.
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