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A walk in the woods, part deux

Yesterday I posted some pictures of the walk I did on Saturday afternoon and early evening on the Quantock Hills, not far from my home. Here are some more. I have to admit to something I never normally do.....I have darkened the shots of the evening sky because I liked the effect it had on the cloud formations. By darkening them you can actually make out the wonderful shapes. I don't normally like to manipulate my photographs; I prefer them to represent what I actually see and what I photograph in as natural a way as possible. But this time I thought I would give it a go. I will beat myself up in private over the integrity issue, but for now, here are the pictures.

Okay, I've also taken the colour out of this one for dramatic effect - I'm sorry, my crimes are endless. 

I loved these ferns growing in the banks of the stream

These are the tiny flowers of the whortleberry - a kind of wild blueberry. The wild fruit are gorgeous.

And finally, some of the locals!
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