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A walk in the woods

Late on Saturday afternoon I went for a walk in the woods. More specifically, I went to a tiny village on the edge of the Quantock Hills called Holford. From Holford there are several walks you can do, most of which take a gentle climb (and i mean gentle) up onto the hills through valleys and combes. The one I decided on was through Hodder's Combe. It was very picturesque. The leaves are just forming on the trees and have that gorgeous lime-green, just hatched colour, and in the warm early evening light they were stunning. As I made my way up through the combe I saw some red deer at a couple of places on the hillsides. This was a real treat; although they are not uncommon, they are Britain's largest native wild animals and are very impressive. They are also very difficult to photograph, so I'm not going to post the few blurry, limit-of-my-zoom shots I managed to get. 

So, to the photos. I have to apologise because there are rather a lot. I'd be interested in your opinions.

Oh, those greens!

I think this was my favourite, a lovely tree by a bend in the stream.

I thought the shape of this tree was enchanting

More later. As I said, there were rather a lot. In the next edition - the evening sky, a few more trees and some of the locals. Excited?

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