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Hestercombe House part the third

This is the next selection of photos from my visit to Hestercombe House and Gardens on Saturday. For those of you who were curious, this is what I found when I walked through that exquisite doorway.

First bit through a magnolia tree

Gorgeous daisy-clad steps

The Orangery

A nice view to look out to while you are having breakfast in all your Victorian finery.

This is my favourite photo from the day, simple yet delightful

More steps with daisies, on the way down to the really formal bits that were designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and planted by Gertrude Jekyll, two of the most famous names in British garden design.

I loved this Japanese maple

Gorgeous, eh?

A newly restored walkway

View across the gardens towards the house.

And finally, to illustrate the fabulous colour of the stone.

If you fancy finding out more about Hestercombe Gardens, or are even thinking of visiting (if you happen to find yourself in the area at some time, here is the website

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