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Hestercombe House, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton

I am no gardener, in fact I can't bear it. Having said that, I do like gardens. Gardens are great but they are something that should just be done by other people. 

Not far from where I live is Hestercombe House. I have been there many times for courses, workshops and have even run courses there, but I have never been around the gardens. I put that right on Saturday. Hestercombe is the headquarters of the Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and they would have tarmacked over the gardens if they had had their way a few years ago. Happily that didn't happen, mainly because it was recognised that the gardens were of historical value and that there was a secret, lost garden waiting to be discovered. The gardens are vast and a whole area of woodlands, ponds and pathways has been opened up as the old gardens have been restored. Needless to say, I took lots of photos while I was there, and these are the first of them.

A woodland glade

I always delight in spotting a koru

More of the woodland, looking very lush at this time of year

I loved the way the shadows of the trees seemed to be homing in on a particular focal point

The Higher Pond, oooh - pretty reflections.

Typical British bluebell wood

The Grand Cascade 

More later.
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