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Change of style

I didn't really like my LJ the way I had set it up, so I decided to change it. I'm not really sure that I like this much better either, but it will do for now. I really like Ilmera's LJ layout but if I had it like that I would just be copying, and that isn't healthy. I will just have to see how it goes and make a decision later. I couldn't think of a pithy title either, so, while it pretty much says how I feel most of the time, if anyone can think of a better one I'll gladly change it. But that isn't very likely, as no-one seems to visit my page anyway. If you are dropping by, please leave me a hug and a comment. For comments stay here, for hugs go to my info page. I accept hugs from anyone but would prefer them from people of the opposite sex really.

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