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Random pictures

Today I just felt like having a quick look through my LJ scrapbook and posting a few pictures that I haven't got round to posting before. So, no theme, no motive - apart from the fact that I like them - and no idea what they will be. Here goes.

Autumn poplar trees on the banks of the Clutha River as it spills out of Lake Wanaka. One of the nicest spots in the entire world!

Milford Sound. This is one of the few places I have ever been where the sheer beauty all around me had me totally speechless.


Another Kilve Beach 'rockscape'.

Slightly bizarrely, my CD collection - there's actually a few more now. 

Kilve Beach again

The red rock at Kaikoura. I have, I admit, enhanced the colour just very slightly - but really not much - but I was just stunned by the way this rock stood out from everything around it. There are no other rocks that colour in the vicinity. 


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