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Spring in Somerset part three

These are the last of the photos I will be posting of my little photo project at the week-end. We've covered flowers and creatures, so now here are some trees bursting into life. I really like the way that leaf buds suddenly explode with energy. You see them as a bud one day and a couple of days later they are fully formed leaves. All that effort must really take it out of them, no wonder they don't wander around as well. Anyway, before I tumble completely from my dodgy trolley, here are the pictures.

Pussy Willow

Ivy doing what it does best.

How very British? An oak tree sprouting leaves and things. I love the colour of these new leaves.

Horse Chestnut looking almost alien.

Goat Willow, with added Red Spotted Ladybird.

A Poplar branch looking quite disturbing, somehow.

Willow trees in water-meadows.

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