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Spring in Somerset part two

Here is the second post of photos I took over the week-end as I was wandering around my home area seeing what spring was doing to this little, laid-back, bucolic part of the world. This time I am (excuse the pun) focussing on the wildlife I managed to spot. The nature of this kind of photography is that you are lucky if you see anything, lucky if you see it for more than a fleeting moment, very lucky if it is close enough to recognise and even luckier if you can manage to get a picture of it before it swims, runs or flies away. This means that the photos may not always be the best, but I feel privileged to have seen and photographed what I did. 

A White-tailed Bumblebee on some heather.

A pair of swans on the Sowey River. I love the reflections of the trees in the distance. 

And here's a much closer one. The fact that I happened to be standing right near it's nest and hadn't noticed, could account for why it was fluffed up and swimming towards me. 

This is a roe deer buck. I managed to get really close before he spotted me. 

And then he bounded off with springs in his legs. I felt very guilty because I meant him no harm, but he just ran and ran for several minutes before disappearing from view. He actually only needed to bounce over the ditch into the next field to get away from me.

Finally, a Tortoiseshell butterfly on a dandelion
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