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Spring in Somerset part one

Over the holiday week-end I've been out and about taking photos of, well, spring. Quite suddenly, it seems, spring appears to be converting the starkness of winter into the plushness of summer. Winter's grey, dreary fields and hedges have now burst into colour and life. Wild flowers are everywhere and there is suddenly much more movement and action in the countryside. It was a real pleasure to be out there walking the lanes and byways, wading through fields where you can almost see the grass growing and spotting all the birds and animals, insects and plants all doing their springly thing. Needless to say, I took rather a lot of photos too. I realise that all my friends in the southern hemisphere will be groaning as they head into autumn and the prospect of winter, however it manifests itself where they are, but up here it's all happening. 

This first batch of photos are delicate wildflowers and trees. I hope you like them. As ever, please click on the pictures to see larger versions. 

Primroses in Beer Woods (yes, honestly)

The carpet of bluebells is already beginning to appear in places.

Cowslips are quite rare now, but some can still be found, if you know where to look.

Delicate Cuckoo flowers grow in the wetland areas, here before the cuckoo this year.


The unusual flowers of rush plants grow in the wetter areas.

Pussy Willow

Sloe blossom is turning the hedges white.

More to come in later posts.

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